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Tempting Food Items to Increase Marijuana’s Effect

In the medicine industry, the term ‘medical marijuana’ is widely used which indicates ‘using the natural and organic marijuana plant in its raw form’ to treat diseases and other conditions.

Always controversial yet helpful, Marijuana has been part of medicinal treatments through pills and tablets which helps to control the pain. The chemicals found in the marijuana plant – ‘Cannabinoids’ and ‘Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)’ are mainly used for treatments. Thus, the growing number of states legalizing marijuana is increasing today.

Marijuana is the most debatable medicine which helps in curing nausea, controlling pain, inflammation and muscle control problems. It also helps in monitoring epileptic seizures, treats mental illness and addictions and helps in killing and reducing certain cancer cells.

Marijuana can be consumed in different forms – be it a pill or mixing it with food, applying as a cream or by inhaling it – but every method has its own way to react with the body. The human brain has a special receptor feature which links up with cannabinoids and treats the body. Pairing this medicinal marijuana with some particular food and drink enhances the effect of the treatment.

Here we have listed down a few munching items to help increase the effect of Marijuana so it helps bring better results.


Yes, you read it right!

Mango tops the chart for enhancing the marijuana effect for a longer period of time. The high content of compounds called Mycene Tarpenes in Mango makes it perfect to increase the recreational effect of medicinal marijuana. These compounds work with Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and allow the receptors to increase the marijuana reaction.


Believe it or not, chocolate affects very positively with medicinal marijuana to boost the treatment.  The chemical compound in the chocolate helps the brain receptors to activate and thus, helps you control the pain and mental illness.

Eat it before or after your medicinal marijuana pill, the chocolate will affect positively!


We don’t know if you heard it or not but Cannabinoids when bonds with saturated fat, it benefits the health and increases the speed of the treatment. Coconut oil is considered to have almost doubled the amount of saturated fat as butter and helps the body to reduce pain and other illness symptoms.


The calming and soothing tea when reacts with the medicinal marijuana chemicals, it enhances the treatment positively. The antioxidant catechin found in the healthy green tea and black tea when binds with the brain’s receptors for the cannabinoid, it reduces pain and stimulates peace and tranquility.


Elders said greens are good for health. And it’s true in every sense! Aside from being exotic and delightful – broccoli is also helpful in enhancing the effects of the marijuana chemicals. The beta-caryophyllene compound found in broccoli works with cannabinoid and helps in reducing inflammation and physical pain and increases the positive effect of medicinal marijuana.

So, eat your greens and relish chocolates before treating yourself with the medicinal marijuana!