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Medical Marijuana’s Benefits for Uncontrolled Seizures/Epilepsy

Epilepsy is not an uncommon condition with about 1% of the population affected by it.  Recurrent seizures are classified as Epilepsy.  Seizures can start with an aura or premonition of more sinister event.  The seizure itself can be motor, sensory or autonomic.  Motor seizures may result in jerking, stiffness or both.  Sensory seizures can be felt like tingling, numbness, altered smell or out of body experiences or other complex phenomena.  Emotional disturbances can also happen as in fear, anger or joy. Patients with autonomic seizures report temperature changes, gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, breathing and palpitations.

Seizures can be “Simple Partial” which do not impair consciousness and typically last for seconds or “complex” which do impair consciousness.  With impaired consciousness, people have a higher risk of injury.  Grand mal seizures lead to lack of consciousness and much greater chance of injury.

The evaluation of seizures requires a Neurologist and usually MRI or CT of the head is done and blood work up and a spinal tap may be needed.

Medications to prevent seizures are prescribed if the chance of seizure recurrence is high.  Situational seizures in a specific situation that is not likely to recur may not needed ongoing medications.  A large number of anti-epilepsy medications are now available.  Neurologists try to find the best medicine for a s specific type of seizure or syndrome.  Single medicine is preferred whenever possible.  A significant number of patients continue to have seizures despite taking seizures medications.  If two seizure medications fail, the patient should be referred to an epilepsy specialized clinic for the possibility of surgery or be treated by an Epileptologist, an epilepsy specialist.

Many patients in USA without insurance choose to treat their seizures with Marijuana and attest to its benefits.  Some people who are taking a seizure medicine and still having break through seizures like to add THC and CBD to their existing anti epilepsy medications.  CBD has been approved in the form of Epidiolex by the FDA for Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome, two rare childhood epilepsies.  More research is being conducted to see how much medical marijuana can help with epilepsy.

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