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Month: October 2022

What To Ask Your Medical Marijuana Doctor

Wondering how to talk to a medical marijuana doctor to get your card?  Read some tips from MCCFL's doctors To be a medical marijuana patient or user, you first need an introduction with a medical marijuana doctor.  This is the first step in the ...

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How To Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card In Florida

If you are new to the Florida medical marijuana plan, you will likely discover that there is generally an expiration day on the front of your medical marijuana card. Do not panic, since extending your medical marijuana card in Florida is a st...

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Can Florida Snowbirds Use Medical Marijuana?

Florida Provides Medical Marijuana Options To All Citizens! Florida is a well-known location for snowbirds, and for great reasons! The weather condition is superb, the oceanfronts are gorgeous, and the restaurants and accommodation are superior. W...

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