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Medical advancements have come a long way over the past 100 years. However, it still leaves a lot of patients suffering immensely. Fortunately, Medical Marijuana is now approved in the State of Florida to help those who are suffering. The following medical conditions have been deemed appropriate to treat with Medical Marijuana effective immediately.

As a professional medical clinic we take pride in that we will always do the right thing for the patient and according to the existing laws.

Cannabis Laws

While medical marijuana has been approved by Florida voters in November 2016 and Florida legislature passed further medical cannabis or marijuana laws to make medical marijuana available to those in need, it remains a Schedule 1, drug with no known benefit and extremely addictive akin to LSD. It remains a prohibited drug in the Federal law. The current position of the Department of Justice that supervises the Drug Enforcement Agency is that the Federal resources are better spent on other matters rather than conflicting with the States mandates regarding medical marijuana.