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The Top 5 Different Types of THC You Need to Know for Optimal Healing

If you’re new to the world of natural plant healing with THC, then you’ll quickly find out there’s a variety of cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. In addition to the THC we all know for its psychoactive highs, there are other types of T...

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diabetes and cannabis

Cannabis And Diabetes – Can Marijuana Help?

If you suffer from diabetes, and live in Florida, you now have access to a new way of healing - cannabis. Now that medical marijuana use is approved in the State, many patients are turning to its natural methods of relief. While diabetes is not on th...

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Cannabis & Estrogen – How & Why Marijuana Affects Women Differently

The differences between a male and female extend beyond our sexual reproduction systems. In fact, from the brain to hormones each gender differs in a variety of ways internally. You may be well aware of men carrying higher levels of testosterone and ...

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