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    diabetes and cannabis

    Cannabis And Diabetes – Can Marijuana Help?

    If you suffer from diabetes, and live in Florida, you now have access to a new way of healing - cannabis. Now that medical marijuana use is approved in the State, many patients are turning to its natural methods of relief. While diabetes is not on th...

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    Medical Marijuana to the Rescue of Patients

    ‘Epidiolex’ - The first non-synthetic cannabis drug approved by FDA plays a crucial role in treating two forms of severe childhood epilepsy – Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. Years of struggle and research has opened new doors fo...

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    Tempting Food Items to Increase Marijuana’s Effect

    In the medicine industry, the term ‘medical marijuana’ is widely used which indicates ‘using the natural and organic marijuana plant in its raw form’ to treat diseases and other conditions. Always controversial yet helpful, Marijuana has ...

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