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Medical Marijuana’s Benefits for PTSD

Trauma has consequences.  Sometimes it is not just physical but also emotional.  PTSD is a condition with residual damage to the mind that can also cause physical manifestations.  Symptoms usually start in 3 months but sometimes can present after years.

Assault, physical or sexual is a common cause, so is motor vehicle accidents.  Veterans of wars frequently also report having witness horrors that continue to hound them for decades after.

The symptoms of PTSD are categorized as follows:

Intrusive Thoughts

  1. Flashbacks of the trauma
  2. Recurrent bothersome thoughts 
  3. Disturbed sleep and nightmares
  4. Frightening thoughts


  1. The person tries to avoid having to think about the trauma by avoiding people or places that they previously enjoyed

Arousal Symptoms

  1. Being easily startled
  2. Feeling Tense
  3. Angry Outbursts

Negative thinking and abnormal Mood 

  1. Anxiety and depression
  2. Relationship issues
  3. Detachment from family and friends
  4. Hopelessness
  5. Feeling emotionally numb

Children manifest PTSD differently than adults.  They may have bedwetting or regression is speech and being unusually clingy to parents.

The standard treatment for PTSD is psychotherapy and Anti-depressant medications.  Psychedelic Drugs such as Ecstasy has recently received renewed attention as having potential in combination with Psychotherapy.   Medical Marijuana has emerged as another potential treatment option for many patients of PTSD.  Patients report that the numbness that many patients experience with PTSD improves with Marijuana and they can feel their emotions.  Marijuana also reduces the anxiety and even depression in many patients.  Sleep improves for many patients with Indica strains or CBN.

In our practice we do use medical marijuana safely for a large number of patients.   Even VA hospital that runs under federal system is changing its position regarding the use of marijuana in Veterans.

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