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Month: March 2018

Know the Effectiveness of Medical Cannabis to Treat Drug Addiction

Now legal in 29 states in the US, medical marijuana is seeing more widespread use in the treatment of a number of different medical conditions, including opioid addiction. With wider accessibility to medical cannabis in Florida, more people are also ...

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Medical Marijuana Basic Information

1. Marijuana contains at least 100 compounds called Cannabinoids. The most commonly known are THC and CBD. They have different benefits. THC is known for psychotropic or mind effects such as high, low or paranoia, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer e...

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A Quick Guide to Medical Cannabis Laws in Florida

Florida medical cannabis laws have been in effect since the legalization of medical marijuana on November 8, 2016. Florida’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative effectively enables qualified patients who are diagnosed with debilitating medica...

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