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Category: Medical

The Research behind Medical Marijuana and Cancer

With legalization, research into cannabis' interaction with cancer and its cells has been ever-increasing. Even if you don't partake, it's probable you've been affected by cancer in some way and understand the drive for a cure of the condition. As fo...

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Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana Approval in Florida

With medical marijuana legalization in its infancy in Florida, there’s still a lot to learn. From providers and legislation to most importantly, the patients who can benefit from medical marijuana. Whether you’re seeking answers for medical marij...

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Truths and Myths of Synthetic Cannabinoid vs. Marijuana

Around 3000 years ago, marijuana was used for its recreational and medical purposes. But today, legalization of Marijuana faces many controversies, despite the fact that it has medical benefits to cure many lethal diseases. Scientists, researchers...

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