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Yes, but only medical marijuana and not recreational marijuana.

Marijuana in Florida is illegal for recreational use. The charges for possession change by the amount. The majority of the time, the ownership of fewer than 20 grams is a misdemeanor punishable with a monetary fine to be decided on by a judge and less than a year of jail time.  Learn how to get a Florida state medical card here.

The likely answer is “it depends on your organization”, but the FL legislature is yet to set clear guidelines. Always check with HR before using medical marijuana.

No, you must have an evaluation in Florida for certification.

Yes, it can be delivered by dispensary delivery service. Some with no charge.

Please see the tab of Conditions on our home page.

State issues ID such as a Driver’s license and any pertinent medical records that prove your state approved diagnosis.

The typical appointment time is 15-30 min.

Your information is protected by the same robust protections as afforded to in HIPPA privacy laws.

We charge a flat fee of $200 per new patient visit. Additional charges may apply if we have to obtain medical records.

The state is currently charging $75 for this service and can take 1-2 weeks to process it. The card must be renewed yearly.

The dispensaries dispense the medical marijuana. Doctors are not allowed to dispense any medical marijuana from their clinics.

While the question has not been specifically answered in the state of the Florida, but the likely answer is yes, based on experience from other states.

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements for residency.

These are Federal laws and since marijuana is illegal in Federal law, no such protections will apply to medical marijuana at this time.