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Medical Marijuana Basic Information

1. Marijuana contains at least 100 compounds called Cannabinoids. The most commonly known are THC and CBD.

They have different benefits. THC is known for psychotropic or mind effects such as high, low or paranoia, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, alertness or sedation depending upon the strain used, some pain relief and hunger producing effects.

CBD helps with pain, PTSD (a form of anxiety), spasms and seizures. There are potentially other benefits but without much proof. CBD is not psychoactive and does not change the state of mind of the person.

2. CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant or marijuana plant. Low-THC marijuana is another way of saying that most of this type of marijuana will contain very little THC (0.8%)

THC is extracted from the marijuana plant and naturally occurs at about 5-35% concentration. Anything over 20% can be considered potent. THC comes from three different types of marijuana plants. The one originally grown in Europe is called Sativa, the one from India is called Indica and then there is a Hybrid. Sativa is known for stimulating properties, while Indica can be sedating. Hybrid is supposed to be neutral and not stimulating or sedating. Please note that this explanation is an oversimplification and individuals may respond differently to different strains

4. Both low-THC cannabis (CBD) and Medical Cannabis (higher % of THC) can be consumed (intake) in the following 5 methods:

a. Inhalation by a Vape (similar to smoking but not exactly smoking, as there is no burning)

b. Oral (capsules or gummies)

c. Sublingual drops in oil (under the tongue)

d. Topical (cream on skin)

e. Rectal (rarely used, perhaps beneficial for seizures or Crohn’s disease)

Any two methods can be ordered for you on a given visit with the doctor.  Changes can be made on the next visit but not during an ongoing order.

5. Medical Marijuana is not dispensed through pharmacies. It is dispensed through dispensaries. About 10 different dispensaries are already functioning in the state of Florida. Please visit our website at and click on dispensaries for a list of all the dispensaries. The dispensaries will process your order as soon as you get an e-mail approval from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, even before you get your marijuana card in the postal mail. Please note that you are not bound to any one dispensary and can fill your entire order or part of the order at any dispensary, until the maximum dose ordered for you has been exhausted.

6. You do not have to go to a dispensary. The dispensary can send a delivery dispatch to you at a certain charge for delivery. The delivery driver can also teach you how to use the product being delivered.

7. There is a learning curve for everybody until the right routes of intake and the right doses have been determined.

8. Please write a review for Medical Cannabis Clinics of Florida on google, weed maps (akin to yelp for marijuana purposes) or on our website at under Testimonials and you will get $5 off on your next visit.

9. Marijuana is very safe, and it does not interfere with any medicines. Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have regarding interactions with other medicines.

10. Most frequently asked questions and answers are written on our website at under FAQ section.