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    Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana Approval in Florida

    With medical marijuana legalization in its infancy in Florida, there’s still a lot to learn. From providers and legislation to most importantly, the patients who can benefit from medical marijuana. Whether you’re seeking answers for medical marijuana Orlando, Delray Beach or Kissimmee, we’ve compiled the latest information on the state’s progress for being approved for use. Here we’ll simplify the medical marijuana process in Florida so patients can best understand how to easily gain doctor approval and access to the plant’s beneficial health effects.

    What conditions are approved for medical marijuana in Florida?

    Luckily for patients, there is a wide range of conditions and disorders that are approved by the state for medical marijuana. From mental to physical issues, medical marijuana is proving effective at helping to treat a variety of symptoms. The following are approved as conditions that medical marijuana can be prescribed for

    • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
    • Chronic Pain
    • Parkinson Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS
    • HIV and Cancer

    But the current legislation in place allows for a broadening of these conditions for medical marijuana Orlando, and other surrounding areas. In regards to approved conditions, the law includes “other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class,’. This means doctors may be able to recommend medical marijuana for other similar conditions like anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, lupus or anorexia.

    How do I get approved by a doctor for medical marijuana?

    While the process may seem tedious to newcomers, when broken down the steps to receive your medical marijuana approval aren’t that difficult. First, you’ll need to find an approved doctor who has undergone the state mandated training, like Medical Cannabis Clinics of Florida (MCCFL). Choosing a well-established center like MCCFL will provide the resources to make the process of gaining approval, even simpler.

    At your first appointment, the doctor will perform an exam and review your medical history. The exam will be pertinent to confirming the condition that is approved for medical marijuana use. Your doctor will also need to verify that you’ve been treated for this condition with the standard of care or allopathic medicine by a doctor of an appropriate discipline, previously. For instance, you’ve been treated by a primary care physician or specialist for MS or chronic pain, and have taken the appropriate medications as recommended. They’ll also review your list of medications to ensure there are no conflicts with medical marijuana. This includes checking a specialized database that organizes the use of controlled substances, to determine any risks associated with opiates or benzodiazepines use.

    What are the steps in the approval process to receive my medical marijuana card?

    After your appointment, you’ll be required to sign a consent form that has you acknowledge and accept the risks and benefits of medical marijuana. Along with its current state of approval by the Federal Government. Once the doctor has made his decision on your approval – if granted, your name will be entered into the registry of medical marijuana on the Office of Medical Marijuana’s website. This registry is accessible not only by the doctor, but also by the patient and the medical dispensary that distributes marijuana legally. This is a pivotal point of convenience in the process, as no paper is required or necessary.

    The doctor or clinic office enters in your profile information, including name, contact information, birthday and social security number. Once complete, you’ll receive an e-mail from the state of Florida explaining how to obtain your physical medical marijuana ID card. You’ll create a profile, pay $75 and upload a picture of your driver’s license confirming your identity. Much like a driver’s license or concealed weapons permit, your medical marijuana card is the identification necessary to use and carry medical marijuana.

    Within 1-2 weeks from completing this process, you’ll get an approval via email. This means you’re good to go with obtaining medical marijuana and using it legally. You do not have to wait for your physical card to come in the mail, since your approval is tracked in the state’s database accessible by the dispensary you’ll be purchasing with. We’ll talk about how to obtain medical marijuana in Florida, next.

    How do I find and buy medical marijuana, once I’m approved?

    If you’re a medical marijuana Orlando or medical marijuana Kissimmee user, there are multiple locations in the area. In fact, there are 100 approved dispensary locations across the state. Medical marijuana Delray Beach has many locations nearby as well.

    Once you’re approved, if you’ve yet to receive your physical medical marijuana card in the mail just print out the approval email you’ve received. You’ll bring this along with your driver’s license to the dispensary you choose. MCCFL recommends calling the dispensary prior to your visit to verify your status in their database -just to make sure, and to avoid wasting your time or drive if something went awry in the process. You may also want to inquire about their best hours to visit, as well. Medical marijuana dispensaries can get extremely busy, and this will help avoid any long lines or waits.

    Also something to keep in mind, is many medical marijuana Orlando dispensaries and others offer home delivery. Sometimes, free of charge. If you’d rather view the products you’re purchasing first hand, you may want to take the time to visit.

    Dispensaries offer a wide range of products from topicals, concentrates for vaporizing, capsules, tinctures, patches or suppositories. In addition, with recent legalization cannabis flower is approved for legal use by medical marijuana patients as well. If you’re wondering about dosing, no worries. At your original consultation, your MCCFL doctor will make a recommendation on method of use, and preferred medical marijuana doses or products.

    Are there any limits on how much marijuana I can have?

    For flower, the state has mandated a maximum limit of 2.5 ounces for every 35 days.

    The Basics of Medical Marijuana in Florida

    Now that you know the basics and facts into medical marijuana in Florida, you can see how patients can easily access approval and medication. While there is more progress to be made in the State for expanding care and use, the Medical Cannabis Clinics of Florida are leading the way in these beginning phases. If you are seeking medical marijuana for an approved State condition, visit our Medical Marijuana Orlando, Kissimmee or Delray locations to begin your approval and process.