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    The Research behind Medical Marijuana and Cancer

    With legalization, research into cannabis' interaction with cancer and its cells has been ever-increasing. Even if you don't partake, it's probable you've been affected by cancer in some way and understand the drive for a cure of the condition. As fo...

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    Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana Approval in Florida

    With medical marijuana legalization in its infancy in Florida, there’s still a lot to learn. From providers and legislation to most importantly, the patients who can benefit from medical marijuana. Whether you’re seeking answers for medical marij...

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    Cannabis & Estrogen – How & Why Marijuana Affects Women Differently

    The differences between a male and female extend beyond our sexual reproduction systems. In fact, from the brain to hormones each gender differs in a variety of ways internally. You may be well aware of men carrying higher levels of testosterone and ...

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