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Using Your Temporary Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Getting Your Temporary Medical Card in Florida

Welcome to Medical Cannabis Clinics of Florida (MCCFL). As pioneers in Florida’s medical marijuana community, we’re here to explain how you can utilize your temporary medical marijuana card in Florida until you receive your physical card.

Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Understanding Your Temp Medical Marijuana Card

In Florida, patients qualifying for medical marijuana treatment are initially provided with a temporary marijuana card upon their application’s approval. This digital card offers the same benefits as a physical card until it arrives.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Florida

Certain distinct medical conditions qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida. These conditions include cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, PTSD, chronic pain and more. For a comprehensive list and any updates, visit our main How to Get Your Florida Marijuana Card page.

Steps to Utilize Your Temporary Card

Utilization of a temporary card includes identifying dispensaries that accept an electronic version, ensuring you have a valid form of identification, and following Florida’s medical marijuana regulations.

Legal and Regulatory Aspects

Despite being a temporary form, the same Florida state regulations apply to a temporary card as they do to a physical card. For a thorough understanding of these regulations, visit our Florida Medical Marijuana Laws & Regulations page.

Practical Tips for Temporary Card Use

Although using your temporary card is relatively straightforward, remember to always carry a valid form of ID. Most importantly, remain updated on your card’s expiration date and renewal process. Get in touch with us at MCCFL’s Contact Us page for any queries related to the renewal process.

Common Questions

You may have questions regarding the usage of a temp card in Florida. We have compiled a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your convenience, or you can reach out directly to us.


Your temporary medical marijuana card in Florida is a critical tool in initiating your treatment journey. Make sure to keep up with the laws and regulations for use, and always reach out to us for any additional support. Make sure to visit our main How to Get Your Florida Marijuana Card page for more information or to start your application process.